Is Railway Work for YOU?

I’m comfortable being on-call or doing shift work, as long as I’m paid for the commitment.
I would like to work with heavy equipment, in a safety critical environment, with the challenge of finding ways to fix the way in which it is used.
I want to be acknowledged as a specialist in my work area.
I want a job where I’m asked to take risks to improve the company’s business, products, and/or services.
I like the idea of holding a critical leadership position with working conditions that are not always predictable.
I’m looking for a job where I can work outdoors – rain, snow, sleet, or shine – knowing that my work will change from day to day.
I like the idea of leading teams that maintain/repair railway equipment, or improve the way in which it is utilized.
I want to work in a corporate environment that offers opportunities for advancement and career growth.
I pay attention to detail, and like to coach and mentor others in roles where they can do the same.
I like performing tasks quickly and within time constraints where it is easy to see how much I’ve accomplished.
I’d like to contribute to the success of a railway, while working in an office environment.
I like working with teams to find better ways to complete tasks quickly while maintaining quality.

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