Railway Car Technician/Car Mechanic

As a Railway Car Technician/Car Mechanic, you will be responsible for inspecting trains and working on the repair tracks or in the repair shops. This job is ideal for those who have a mechanical aptitude and enjoy hands on work. You might also be interested to know that this is an entry-level apprenticeship. Learn more by visiting our apprenticeship page!

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Be able to interpret engineering drawings to plan the maintenance job.
  • Perform calculations and measurements.
  • Be knowledgeable about a variety of documents including manufacturers’ manuals, technical bulletins, parts bulletins, service or preventative maintenance manuals, fact sheets, American Association of Railways (AAR) field manuals and government regulations.
  • Fill out work orders such as billing repair cards, wheel reporting cards, inspection records and dangerous goods documentation.
  • Work with hand, power, pneumatic and hydraulic tools.
  • Handle an assortment of complex equipment including Shielded Metal Arc
    Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, oxy-fuel and plasma-arc cutting.
  • Participate in benchworking practices.
  • Follow designed methods and procedures for safely servicing and inspecting rail trucks, underframes, brakes, car safety appliances, car bodies, coaches.
  • Must be extremely familiar with and fully understand a variety of legislation including the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS), Sanitation and Food Safety, Safety Legislations, American Association of Railways regulations and any other applicable acts, codes and regulations.

Typical Working Conditions and Hours:

  • Think of the railway as an emergency service, like police or ambulance – they operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a Railway Car Technician/Car Mechanic, you will not work a typical “9 to 5 shift”. You will work irregular hours and must be available to work weekends and holidays.
  • You will work outdoors in all weather conditions.


The average yearly salary for this position is $45,000 - $55,000.


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