Sébastien Forgues

Position: Welder
Employer: CN

After working odd welding jobs in manufacturing, Sébastien was amazed at the opportunities available with the railway once he began his career with CN.  Another surprise was the size and magnitude of the work he began to encounter as machine operator and later as a welder.

Sébastien uncovered his rail opportunity on CN’s website and sifted through the wide variety of job openings – from manual labour and management to IT and mechanics – to find the best match for his skills. Once he joined the team he was approached by his supervisors and asked what type of work he was most interested in and was given information on the various career tracks available to him as he continued his career. 

“Repair and maintenance is a major undertaking and every person has their own responsibilities. The schedule must be respected and rail traffic can not be held up.” notes Sébastien. “It’s a challenge every day, and you feel important once the job is complete.”

With the opportunity to travel, job stability, and great opportunities for advancement, Sébastien knows that rail careers are a sure thing for people looking to join a passionate and diverse team. “I have a lot of good friends in rail.” He says. “We are always together, we work together, we eat together and we live together. It’s almost like a family.”

Looking toward his future, Sébastien hopes to continue within the rail industry and would like to become a foreman or supervisor, lead his own team and put his knowledge to the test solving issues and managing day to day situations.  One thing Sébastien can be sure of is that his rail career has only just begun and it’s taking him places he wouldn’t have the opportunity to see any other way.






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