Rob MacCheyne

Position: Apprentice Carman
Employer: CN

Rob MacCheyne always knew he wanted to work on the rails – and now he has his dream job. Now working as an apprentice carman with CN at the Concord yard, Rob can happily say that he has what he always wanted: a stable job with great opportunities for the future.

After applying for railway positions in the past, it took a CN Rail recruiting event at the Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training centre in downtown Toronto to put Rob on the railway career track.  “I was already interested and had applied before, so when I saw that CN Rail was hiring, I jumped at the chance.” says Rob.

In his role as a carman, Rob is faced with urgent situations that require quick action, or trains risk being delayed or held up.  Finding solutions to urgent issues and keeping trains moving give his day to day work life variety and keeps him on his toes.

Surrounded by a supportive team of fellow employees and a personal mentor, Rob is working with his hands to solve problems and is learning quickly about the life of the railway.  “The people I work with are reward enough, everyone wants to help you learn. The work itself is interesting and being challenged to think quickly under pressure makes it really rewarding.”

 “This opportunity has really given me freedom. I hadn’t had a well paying job before this, and now I have a nice place to live, a car, security.  It doesn’t even feel like work, I feel like I have to be here, and this is what I have to do. My trainer told me when I first started that rail gets into your blood, I know exactly what he means now. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”






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