Linda Hardy

Position: Driver
Employer: CP



As the only Aboriginal woman to drive the Brandt car, a specialized Hi-Rail Car Mover, across the country, Linda Hardy has plenty to be proud of.  Beginning as a labourer on siding extensions, Linda learned how to build a rail track from the bottom up – and now she’s on top with CP. 

Ever since Linda first saw the Brandt train she knew she had to do whatever she could to be part of the railway. “In my heart I wanted to drive it,” says Linda. “Being a woman, I wanted to prove that as a woman working for the railway I was able to drive this machinery to the best of my ability. I have accomplished this.”

After understanding where she wanted her career to go, Linda completed her high school education and proceeded to attend CP’s training and pass their employment tests to secure her first railway position.

The railway community welcomed Linda to this unique industry, and she has not stopped soaking up every opportunity to learn.  “Senior workers have more experience and are willing to help out. You walk happily away knowing you had the chance to gain more knowledge and in turn can pass it on to the younger workers.”

While the railway does require focus and attention, Linda acknowledges that there are many rewards to make up for the physical aspects of the job.  “There are plenty of jobs you can do with rail, lots of different experiences and room for advancement. There is a lot of travelling with the job and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Regular folks don’t have the opportunity to see it. We develop the ability to make memories to share with our grandchildren.”

“I am so proud and so are my family and friends and coworkers. It is still a very rewarding job and it has made my life happier to know that I can do it.” Linda’s enthusiasm and dedication to the railway has had an unexpected side effect – her son has just followed in her footsteps and hopes to build his own career in rail.






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