Harry Moosetail

Position: Mechanic
Employer: CP

Moving up in the railway from labourer to machine operator to mechanic, Harry Moosetail knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in rail.  A journeyman mechanic since 1991, Harry still remembers his start with CP in 1980. Looking for a more stable career than his family farm, Harry approached a CP Rail employee at the rail yard and this led to the opportunity to prove himself.

The stability of the railway was what drew Harry to the industry, but it’s not the only reason he stayed.  With new machines and new challenges every year to keep the work interesting, Harry has continued to learn over the course of his career and has benefited from the support of his team as he has progressed through various positions, growing in seniority and skill.

The opportunity to see the country was an unexpected aspect of his rail career that Harry has enjoyed, and so was his ability to decide for himself whether to travel at all. “In this job I can travel if I want to, and in the summer I choose to work at different sites across the Prairies and have been going out to Calgary for the past few years for a change in scenery.”

Proud of his accomplishments, Harry says that, “People can’t believe I’ve been here that long. Most people come and go from jobs these days, but I’m now less than two years from retirement. I’ll miss the work when I go, I’m not sure if I’ll stop.”






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