Brad Jacobs

Position: Road Manager
Employer: CP

A family connection and quick trip west to Alberta was all it took to give Brad Jacobs a place in the rail community.  Growing up at Six Nations, Brad wasn’t aware of railway career opportunities, but when his cousin called in 1980 with a job opportunity and to join him in Lethbridge, he jumped at the chance.

Brad is walking proof of the opportunities for advancement in rail careers. Working his way up to a managerial position took time, but the challenges and rewards have kept him riding the rails for nearly 30 years. “My most memorable experience was being asked to try a management position. It wasn’t easy, but it was a new challenge.”

A varied work schedule, excellent wages and continued advancement opportunities are key factors that have kept Brad within the rail community, and turned him into an advocate for the industry.  As an active speaker within hiring session forums, Brad is clear with prospective employees when he notes that “This is not a job for everyone. People looking for a 9 to 5 job would find it difficult, but the work environment is very interesting.”

Brad credits his railway career to being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of every opportunity.  “A person in my position can have a great deal of influence in the day to day operation of trains and business opportunities in the area. I have been able to make a few changes that better the working conditions for the unionized staff, while at the same time increasing productivity for the company.”

With only a few years left until retirement, Brad isn’t slowing down. “I hope to progress to the next level of management in field operation or move to roles in rules or regulatory affairs.”






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