Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) - Calgary, Alberta

Railway Conductor Program Description

The SAIT Railway Conductor Program is presented in a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on applications (both indoor and outdoor), as well as industry site visits. Qualified graduates are rewarded with good compensation and opportunities for advancement to positions of greater responsibility.

Learning Methods:

  1. Indoor classroom consists of normal classroom tables, and chairs, model rail table and set up, standard clock, bulletin books, projectors, white boards and flip charts, as well as system maps of all lines.

  2. Indoor Air Brake Lab consists of a locomotive control stand and connections, 26 L brake stand, air brake pneumatic component simulator, classroom, block and interlocking block simulator, high mast hand operated switch and rail assembly. .

  3. Outdoor mini rail yard consists of 300 feet of track, box car, (foundation brakes + low handbrake) hopper car, (truck mounted brakes + high handbrake) bulkhead flat car, (foundation brakes + high handbrake) CROR flags 26, 40.1, 42, 43, train information braking system (sbu, caltrax 2006 simulator to entrain and detrain moving equipment).

Program Length
15 weeks

Start Dates
January and August/September

SAIT Polytechnic
Centre for Rail Training and Technology (CRTT)
N.R. “Buck” Crump Bldg. SAIT Mayland Heights Campus
1940 Centre Avenue N.E. Calgary, Alberta T2E 0A7

Off Site Practical Training/Field Trips
Louis Dreyfus Canada Ltd.
Lyalta, Alberta T0J 1Y0

Calgary, Alberta

CN Rail Yard
CP Network Management Centre

Special Equipment Requirements
(Personal Protective Equipment)
Safety Vests and Safety Glasses supplied by SAIT
CSA approved steel toe work boots – required by students
6 inch ankle support and defined heel

How to Register
You can apply online.

Tuition Fee: $9450.00
Books, supplies and PPE: $600.00 (subject to change)

Contact SAIT
1301 16th Ave NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2M 0L4
Tel: 403.210.4150

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