Rail is the beginning of exciting life changes and new experiences! Rail jobs are exciting, rewarding and well paying – check out the career choices listed below. Take our quiz and find out what type of rail career is right for you!

Running the Railway:

Managing the Railway:

Supporting the Railway:

Employment Guidelines:

Like many industries, the rail industry requires that employees meet basic educational prerequisites, including holding a high-school diploma or GED. The safety critical nature of the railway industry requires other conditions to be met in order for individuals to be considered for employment in the industry in any position directly engaged in operation of trains or rail traffic control. These include mandatory drug/alcohol screening, security clearance (criminal history review), as well as satisfying the medical requirement for safety critical positions (for example, minimum standards for vision, hearing, etc.).  Many rail positions also require a valid driver’s license.

To understand the specific medical/physical requirements that apply to some of these careers, please review our medical guidelines.


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