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If you’re a Career Counsellor or Guidance Counsellor, you’ll find all the tools you need to introduce your clients to a wealth of career options in the railway industry at
Rail is one of Canada’s fastest growing industries and offers career opportunities in many different areas. Railway careers are extremely rewarding, but they also require commitment and hard work, and many are not ‘9 to 5’ jobs. Check out our Success Stories or A Day in Your Life pages to learn more about what a career in rail is really like – you’ll find examples of a “day in the life”, video clips and more.

Students can enter the industry right out of high school and receive on the job training by applying for entry-level positions directly with the railway companies. Others might be interested in selecting a pre-employment training program. There are several colleges across Canada that, in partnership with the Railway Association of Canada (RAC), provide students with a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on practical experience that give them the skills and knowledge they need to build successful railway careers. The industry also offers several options for people interested in entering skilled trades or apprenticeship programs and there are several bursaries young woman can apply for, to help them get their life on track!

To help your clients learn how to get their life on track through a career in rail, ask us for our comprehensive Career Guide and posters. You can also join our online chat especially for Career Counsellors to share ideas, talk about challenges and successes, and more! If you have questions or need more resources or support materials, please contact us today!

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